I’m Allergic to Housework

You expect 140 posts about the good, the bad, and the ugly of parenting? Here is the latest one. I am off on a tirade—or tangent—about what goes on in the average home. Every blog is part of my digital time capsule that stores the fodder of my life. And the news is not always […]

When I Get an Idea in my Head…

I promised you 140 posts about parenting and today I offer one more. I can’t even remember the count right now. Many times, I talk about problems and how to discipline offspring and keep them out of trouble, but I would rather discuss ways to have fun. When I was a child, things were different. […]

Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

Sometimes the kids drive me crazy and I can’t wait to get out of the house. It doesn’t last long however. After a long day at work, I miss those little ones terribly. I long to change my clothes, take off my shoes, and get down on the floor and play a game. They decide […]

Surviving Toddlerhood

When I started this blog, I simply wanted to share parenting experiences from the male perspective. Then I wanted to relate cute and funny stories about the antics of children. We all know them well. Kids are all around us and a super important part of life. You are lucky if you have had a […]

How much to install a tankless water heater?

I see myself definitely as a super parent, but I do not see myself as a handyman. I never got the ridiculous idea that many men have that they can fix anything and everything around the house to save money. Maybe it is to prove a point to the wife, but it can get you […]

The Devil Wrote These Instructions

My life revolves around my wife and two kids. I have the most wonderful family for which I am supremely grateful. The days of fun and frolic are endless when your children are young. Family time is precious and we plan outings and adventures galore. The memories will be treasured when I am in my […]

First Year of Peewee League

It was one of those days as a father you cannot wait for. Your son is finally ready to start his peewee league football career. Seeing him in those impossibly small pads looking so big and tough was awesome. Growing up, my family was way more into soccer. I was the black sheep. I was […]

The Perfect Lazy Saturday Morning

There were a million things on my to-do list on Saturday. I went to bed Friday night kind of dreading the next day. And then I distinctly heard the sound of rain as I was waking up. Most of the stuff I had to do was landscaping type stuff, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, that […]

Do I Even Want to be the Cool Dad?

I always pictured myself being the best dad ever. But it turns out there are things about parenting that I just really don’t like. I am not talking changing diapers or being human Kleenex either. That’s the job I signed up for and I am cool with it. It is some of this other stuff […]

Raising a Girl is Hard

People tell you that your second kid is going to be easier than the first. Angelo was a pretty good baby. So when those two pink lines appeared on the test, I figured–I got this.This is going to be a piece of cake!Yeah, until they did the ultrasound and said,“Congratulations, it’s a girl!”I immediately had […]

How do I Have a Kindergartener Already?

It is hard to wrap my brain around this. I remember taking Angelo home from the hospital. How terrified I was of loading that carseat into the back of my car the first time. How I nearly caused an accident because I kept looking in the rearview mirror instead of at the road. He was […]