Life is crazy, hectic and so rewarding when you have small children. I can’t wait to write a new blog to recount some antic or milestone. They are the joyful moments of my life. I want them drilled into my memory through photos and blog entries. Parenting is an art and one that I am willing to learn whole hog. I want to know every tip and trick and apply it with love. Time flies so I hope to document, in front of my reading audience, the trials and tribulations I encounter. In the process, I want to give you a perspective on parenting from one point of view. I think my home is pretty average but special moments are not rare. I will look back on my posts as the fodder for a mental time capsule I keep in my head to remember all the wonderful times. Any “bad” ones are certainly minor, but they do exist.

A typical example of a minor irritation is when the kids gets get their grubby little hands all over the stainless-steel refrigerator. It isn’t attractive. I always know someone has been there looking for a snack; and it wasn’t me! Whoever said that stainless is the modern route to take for new appliances didn’t have kids. Yes, it looks great, but what a lot of work keeping it pristine. There are all kinds of products out there on the market to help you restore its shine. The problem is that it doesn’t last long. I have been designated as the restoration king since I made the choice. It takes one five-year-old visiting the kitchen faucet to cover the gadget with obvious fingerprints. I bought the faucet a few years ago from Kitchen Faucet Depot when everyone was upgrading with the newest designs. You get touchless usage, filtered water, instant hot, etc. I just had to have one. I took the recommendation of a review online and got the stainless-steel finish.

If you are matching your fixtures and appliances, it pays to select one style. The effect is extraordinary. The fingerprints are not. Passing a wet sponge over the surface does little to erase them. You need the right rag and cleaning solution. On the other hand, stainless-steel is sturdy and long lasting and goes perfectly with most kitchen styles from retro to ultra-modern. Black, white or almond enamel appliances are indicators of past taste. Faucets have been made of chrome for so long that it was time for a change. After all, we had the old one for over ten years. We had a vast array of choices from Pfister, Delta, Vigo and Ruvati. Between these top brands, there is something for every budget and taste. It seemed like a no-brainer decision until we had it installed. It is a beauty indeed if we can keep the kids away, but this is not possible.