Sometimes the kids drive me crazy and I can’t wait to get out of the house. It doesn’t last long however. After a long day at work, I miss those little ones terribly. I long to change my clothes, take off my shoes, and get down on the floor and play a game. They decide which one. I will do it for hours if I need to make them happy. Life is full of ups and downs, but a definite up is getting home to my children. It wipes away any trace of a difficult work day and alters a mood from bad to good in an instant.

Kids don’t have to do anything special to be adored. They just have to exist. They can wreak havoc on the household order, but this comes with the parenting territory. I know from first-hand experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love bathing, dressing, and feeding them: our life routine. It is even more fun to take them out for a visit to the park or even on errands to the store. I want them by my side at all times. When my wife and I have to go out in the evening, we hesitate to leave them with a sitter, friend, or relative. We call every ten minutes to check in on them. This may seem excessive, but what parent doesn’t worry?

As much as I have nothing but good to say about my children, I have to admit that they can be destructive. They have broken a lamp, messed up the good carpet by tracking in mud, and now they have ruined a new leather business bag given to me for my birthday. I was more than miffed. Why can’t I have nice things? It was brand new and barely used when it happened. I’d wondered if a leather business backpack was the right choice, given the kids – and now I know. They had spotted it lying alone on the floor and immediately gravitated to it like a fish to a lure. They took everything out and put their toys in. so far so good. However, they were drinking cartons of juice and one was spilled into the interior, destroying the fine fabric. They decided to remedy the situation, out of fear or guilt, and pour it on the floor. They placed the bag right on top. Now the outside was a goner. They didn’t say a word until mom got home. She was so mad.

I guess getting a fancy business bag made of fragile leather was not such a good idea. You have to consider what young children might do to any of your precious possessions. It is all play potential to them. While my thought it was the perfect choice, it was not. Money down the drain. I told her not to get another one. I need something inexpensive and washable. A synthetic will have to do. Goodbye gorgeous leather! So sorry you didn’t last long.