I see myself definitely as a super parent, but I do not see myself as a handyman. I never got the ridiculous idea that many men have that they can fix anything and everything around the house to save money. Maybe it is to prove a point to the wife, but it can get you in serious hot water. For example, I wouldn’t touch an electrical oven or the motor on the swimming pool. I would wash and wax the car any weekend after restaining an old wood bench. I stay away from welding but would saw wood and make a cabinet if asked. Somethings are just too dangerous and beyond my ken. Sure, I could read a manual or watch a YouTube video on line. They explain so many practical things. But I don’t have all the tools or the dexterity—or even the mental wherewithal. Sure, the kids would want to watch and egg me on.

I got into hot water literally when our heater went on the fritz. It had been acting up like a belligerent child and was not producing nearly enough hot water. It would suddenly stop when I was in the middle of my morning shave. It could happen to anyone in the tub or shower. It interfered with the laundry and all kinds of daily household chores. Fortunately, the dishwasher produces its own hot liquid as an inherent feature. I wish everything did. As head of the household, I could tackle the repair job of the water heater, but as mentioned above, it is not my forte. The family wants immediate relief because each of us has been the unlucky one to encounter cold water at one time or another while showering. Brr! I don’t have to convince anyone that a new unit is needed.

I am earmarking next year’s tax return money for a new appliance. It is a priority for the entire family as you can see. We don’t need a vacation, a row boat, a new pair of skis for the kids, or fancy new clothes. We don’t have to eat out much or visit the amusement park. Just in case I want to maximize the coming funds, I decided to read about installing a tankless hot water heater just to see what is involved. I choose this route because it is easier than putting in an old-style full-size tank. There would be no heavy lifting, just some minor electrical work securing a good connection, and locking the appliance into place for safety purposes. Horrors if it should fall off the wall.

Considering all aspects of the installation, I opt for a discounted tankless model so I have enough money for a proper installation. Only at full price does this service come with the product. Rats! Is the special offer I elected worth it? Some simple math gave me an answer. Yes.