There were a million things on my to-do list on Saturday. I went to bed Friday night kind of dreading the next day. And then I distinctly heard the sound of rain as I was waking up. Most of the stuff I had to do was landscaping type stuff, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, that kind of thing. So if it was raining…. well.

That is the grown up version of a snow day, right?

Then I heard another pitter-patter sound, which could only mean that Selena was awake. She is our relentlessly early riser. If the sun is even thinking about making an appearance, Selena knows it and pops out of bed. The rain probably woke her up too. I warned my wife with a brief, “Incoming!” She had barely acknowledged me when suddenly there was a giggle and a grunt, which meant Selena had—once again—thrown herself on the bed. My wife must have taken a direct hit this time. Better her than me. 20ish pounds doesn’t seem like a lot but when it is hurling at you through space and landing on you like a meteor, it feels much, much heavier.

We got Selena settled in with a book between us and I closed my eyes again, listening to the rain and trying to doze off again. It is hard, though, when you have cold monkey toes and incredibly pointy elbows coming at you from all directions. I swear that kid is all limbs. She had my wife reading her whatever her new favorite book is, something about a kid who only hears the word no all the time. This went on for about another hour or so and then we heard the not so graceful thump of our eldest flopping out of his bed and onto the floor. Whenever I look at Angelo, I think of a foal just learning to walk. Wobbly knees and ankles turning every which way. I think he is growing faster than his brain can keep up.

Within a few minutes, he was in our bed as well.We were packed in like sardines. If our room was any bigger I would have gotten us a California King but the full size barely fits in here. But Angelo is slow to start functioning in the morning and he is a snuggler, so he curled up into my side and closed his eyes again.

I looked over at my wife’s face and she was smiling down at them. It felt so good to all be together like that. And we managed to keep the kids quiet and happy for another hour. Total win in my book. It is moments like this that everyone dreams about when they realize they are going to be a parent. I know this isn’t something that is going to last forever (cmon, at some point it would be weird) but I can appreciate it now while it is happening.

And to think, I would have missed all this if I had to go out and take care of the stupid yard.