The Perfect Lazy Saturday Morning

There were a million things on my to-do list on Saturday. I went to bed Friday night kind of dreading the next day. And then I distinctly heard the sound of rain as I was waking up. Most of the stuff I had to do was landscaping type stuff, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, that […]

Do I Even Want to be the Cool Dad?

I always pictured myself being the best dad ever. But it turns out there are things about parenting that I just really don’t like. I am not talking changing diapers or being human Kleenex either. That’s the job I signed up for and I am cool with it. It is some of this other stuff […]

Raising a Girl is Hard

People tell you that your second kid is going to be easier than the first. Angelo was a pretty good baby. So when those two pink lines appeared on the test, I figured–I got this.This is going to be a piece of cake!Yeah, until they did the ultrasound and said,“Congratulations, it’s a girl!”I immediately had […]