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I am on the Netflix stream team so every month they send me fun and awesome things to do! Check out this popcorn party they threw for us!! This was the perfect back to school gift and it really allowed us to get out of the summer mindframe and welcome fall with wide open arms. […]


The Hunt for Dragons Treasure!

I am a contributing writer for Netflix’s stream team. That means every month they send us awesome things to write about and have fun with! You can imagine our surprise when a giant box of loot from Dreamworks new show Race to the edge: How to Train a Dragon, showed up at our door! I […]


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The Legend of Jim Zub

I have mentioned it before and there is no doubt you will tire of me pushing my new podcast in your face, but I have a new podcast I am quite proud of. We recently recorded an episode in which we interview the man, myth and legend that is Jim Zub, Comic writer extraordinaire. Who […]