My big shiney new Podcast

After many weeks of talks and preparations I am so happy announce that the Podcast I am co-hosting has finally launched! I had been itching to get behind a mic and talk Disney/Geek far too long and finally our creation has made its way to the inter-web. The podcast is proudly hosted by our friends … Keep Reading...


My Secret Night at LUCASFILM

While I was in San Francisco I got to attend a secret screening at Lucasfilm sponsored by LEGO. I was under an embargo for the material I saw... until today :) Head on over to Magical DIStractions to read all about my night. … Keep Reading...


San Francisco stole my heart

I have read my friends posts about their thoughts on the Dad 2.0 Summit and I am at a loss. How do they sum it up so eloquently? Fresh from the most amazing weekend of my life and I am finally left without words. I have no words to describe my new-found motivation, how full my heart is from the love of new … Keep Reading...